Buttons on the wood chest

Buttons is a very sweet, friendly elderly cat. She used to live in the Cat House, but at one point she started walking unsteadily as if she had a neurological problem, like Oreo or Iris. We moved her into a smaller all-cats room in the main house so we could keep an eye on her. She hasn't had any problems since then, other than holding her head tilted. She is also deaf and has no teeth, and like many older cats, she has a thyroid problem, which is being treated with medication twice a day.

Despite her age, Buttons is very active and energetic and has an excellent appetite. She often seeks attention, and loves petting and being held. She is a tiny cat at less than 6 pounds, but she is feisty and can easily scare off a cat 3 times her size if they try to crowd her. She is now staying in a foster home, where she gets plenty of lap time and attention.

Buttons on the floor

Buttons on the wood chest

Buttons curled up inside the cat toy

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