Buddy on the run

Buddy was left shut in a bedroom at a lady's house by a family member. She is hard of hearing and didn't know he was there, but another family member heard him whimpering when she visited. He had been without food or water for a couple of days.

Buddy is a middle aged mixed breed. He is energetic, despite being overweight, and he loves to run around outside. We are trying to get his weight down. He loves attention, and is friendly with people and with the other animals. He lives in the PeeWee room with the other small dogs.

Buddy retrieving a tennis ball

Buddy loves to play ball, but he doesn't always release the ball

Buddy emerging from the garden

Buddy under the shrubs

Buddy and the other small dogs begging for food from a visitor

Buddy and the other small dogs crowd around a visitor eating lunch, hoping for a handout

Travis and Brittany pet Buddy

Volunteers Travis and Brittany give Buddy some affection

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