Buddy on the wooden stand, looking for attention

Buddy used to live outside at an attorney's office in DeLand, along with a couple of other cats. The attorney closed her office and moved. She was able to find homes for the other 2 cats, but couldn't find a home for Buddy, so he came to Journey's End. He is FIV-positive, but is otherwise in good health. He was middle-aged when he arrived.

Buddy is very friendly and affectionate with people. He usually gets along well with the other cats, but may swat them if they crowd him. He lives in the Cat House, and can often be found on the shelves above the kitchen sink. At first he seemed to prefer being indoors, but now he often spends time on the front porch.

Buddy on the bench on the front porch

Buddy on the bench on the front porch

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