In Memory Of


May, 2016

A 90 year old man was terminally ill and had been told he only had a couple of months to live. He took his dog, Buddy, to a local shelter, expecting that he would be adopted out to a new home. But since Buddy was 12 years old, deaf, and had skin problems, the shelter staff did not think he was adoptable. They told him that Buddy would not be put up for adoption. The man realized that this meant Buddy was going to be put down. He was heartbroken and became almost hysterical.

A shelter volunteer stepped in and offered to take Buddy home, which she did. But she already had a lot of dogs, cats, hamsters, and rats, and realized she just couldn't adequately care for another dog. So she soon arranged for him to come to Journey's End.

Other than being deaf and needing some dental work, Buddy was in good health. His skin problems were caused by a flea allergy, and some of the fur on his lower back never grew back, but the fur on his head and upper back was as soft as a puppy's.

Buddy was part golden retriever and part beagle. He was very sweet and gentle and well-behaved. He loved being petted, although he wasn't especially extroverted and wouldn't push for attention. He used to live in the front room, but some of the rowdy dogs started to bully him, and Buddy was becoming withdrawn. He moved in with staff member Dale and Becca and some of the cats in a room behind the Cat House. Buddy was much happier, and enjoyed frequent walks in the horse pasture. He had several good years with Dale, and eventually passed away in his sleep.