In Memory Of


March, 2016

Buddy was left on a doorstep with a note that said, "I'm Buddy". He had some behavioral problems and we had him work with a specialist to try to correct them. He wouldn't bite, but he would try to be dominant with people and other dogs. He used to test any volunteers or visitors who came into his room by barking, jumping on them, or pushing into them, but he got gentler as he got older.

Buddy lived in the large hallway by the pool with some of the other big dogs. He was the alpha dog of his group, although Olivia constantly challenged him to see if she could take over the top spot. He was good with most new dogs and often was the first one they spent time with, to help them get used to their new home.

His huge size, different-colored eyes, and big teeth made him look a bit scary, but he had a heart of gold and craved attention and praise. If you gave him some attention, he would be your loyal friend for life...but he would still try to push you around the next time you visited.

In his older years, Buddy had surgery (a total ear canal ablation) to remove a growth near his ear. He recovered very well, and fortunately he could still hear out of his other ear.

Buddy lived to be quite old. He eventually died suddenly from a ruptured spleen.

Buddy after his ear surgery

He looks tough, but his tail is usually wagging

Buddy and Olivia