Buck is a middle-aged, high-energy dog, possibly part whippet. He was found when police raided a dog fighting ring in a nearby town. Buck had been kept outside in the woods and apparently had been a bait dog. His teeth had been filed down so that he couldn't defend himself.

Animal Control went to get Buck and found he was completely wild and was very shy with people. They knew he would not be adoptable from a shelter, so after taking him to a vet, they arranged for him to come here. At first, he was so wild that he wouldn't come in after we would let him go outside, and it took at least 2 people to catch him and bring him inside.

Buck has gotten over some of his skittishness, and he now comes inside willingly. He is still very shy with people he doesn't know, but sometimes he'll go up to Florence or volunteers he knows and give them a quick kiss before running away. If he's in the right mood, he might even allow a little petting, but he'll soon run off. He gets along well with the other medium-sized dogs and loves playing and running with them, but he is aggressive toward cats and has to be kept separate from them.

Buck watches a visitor nervously

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