In Memory Of


November, 2016

BooBoo on the back patio of the Cat House

BooBoo used to live with an elderly lady in a retirement community in Port Orange. After the lady passed away, her daughter turned BooBoo loose outdoors to fend for himself, even though he is declawed and originally was her own cat.

A couple of kind neighbors began feeding BooBoo, and eventually one of them arranged for him to come to Journey's End. The vet found that he had tapeworms, fleas, and mats in his coat, but otherwise he was in good health. The vet estimated he was around 7 or 8 years old. BooBoo was so good-natured that the vet said he wished he could adopt him himself, but his wife is allergic to cats.

For his first few days here, BooBoo was skittish and spent most of his time hiding, but he soon began to feel at home. He was friendly and enjoyed petting and grooming, but he usually wouldn't approach people on his own. He generally got along with the other cats, but he would give a quick swat if another cat got in his space. He liked being outdoors and spent much of his time on the front and back patios of the Cat House. When he first arrived, he even slipped out the front door a few times and stayed out for many days, but then he became content to stay in.

BooBoo in the blue storage bin

BooBoo on the back patio of the Cat House

BooBoo in his carrier when he first arrived

The other cats check out BooBoo in his carrier
on the day he arrived