In Memory Of


March, 2014

BooBoo sitting on the pet bed

BooBoo was a Yorkie who was around 15 years old when he arrived. He belonged to an elderly man who was moving into an apartment and said he couldn't take BooBoo with him. Florence knew he would almost certainly be put down if he went to a shelter, so she agreed to take him in.

BooBoo didn't see or hear well. He also had a problem with his right hind leg, where he couldn't control his paw and just dragged it behind him. The vets said it was probably a problem with the nerve, possibly in his hip, and it may have been partly due to old age. They said there was no treatment for it, so we just kept it bandaged so it wouldn't get infected.

BooBoo was shy and didn't seek attention, but he liked to be held. At first we put him in the livingroom with some of the other small dogs like Louie and Chachi, but he didn't get along with them, possibly because they are very active and he was much older and more sedate. So we moved him into a portion of the front room with Keeper.

Eventually BooBoo began walking in circles. He soon couldn't walk or eat, and had to be put down. The vet thinks he may have had tumors. He passed away within a week of Keeper.

BooBoo sleeping on the pet bed

Volunteer Lauri and BooBoo

Volunteer Lauri holding BooBoo