Bones in the yard

Bones was living on a golf course in Haines City, surviving on handouts from people living in nearby condos. He was friendly with people and other dogs, but he had been there quite awhile and some residents were close to calling animal control. A couple of ladies who worked there rescued him and arranged for him to come to Journey's End, after being turned down by many other rescues. At that point, he was estimated to be around 1 or 2 years old, and hadn't yet been neutered. He was very thin and undernourished but was otherwise in good health.

Since Bones was young and healthy after regaining some weight, Florence thought he might be happier in a home. She rehomed him with a volunteer who had 2 sons. Florence tried to keep in touch, but soon the lady's phone was disconnected and we heard she had moved away. About a year later, we got a call from a high-kill shelter in Louisiana saying that they had our dog (since his microchip was still registered to Journey's End), and we had to come get him or he would be put down. They said he was aggressive and wouldn't be adoptable. We were never able to find out how he ended up in a shelter in Louisiana.

Our staff member Amy and volunteer Jan drove all night to pick him up. He was happy to see them and was affectionate and well-behaved. He seemed to be happy to get back to Journey's End, and has had no problems with the other big dogs. He often wags his tail in greeting, although will sometimes get tense and flinch if you try to reach over his head to pet him.

Bones standing in the hallway

Bones lives in the big hallway with Pepper Ann

Bones wagging his tail

Bones lying with his hind legs straight out

Bones has an odd habit of lying with his hind legs straight out behind him

Bones on the big bed

Bones being fed by rescuers before coming to Journey's End

Bones being fed by his rescuers after living outside for many weeks, before coming to Journey's End

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