In Memory Of


September, 2008

Bobo was found wandering the street pulling a very worn leash. He was badly matted and had to be tranquilized so he could be clipped. The mats were so thick that he couldn't close his eyes, and the vet was afraid he was going to lose his eyesight.

Bobo was also affectionately known as Dammit Bobo, due to his incessant jumping on your legs to get your attention, but he mellowed a little as he got older. He helped to feed the other animals, and he liked to herd the large dogs. He especially adored Jennifer, and would snarl if any other dogs came near when she was sitting with him.

Bobo was usually very friendly, but he would react aggressively to any attempts to groom him, probably due to mistreatment in his past. One time he had been sedated in order to be groomed and was out cold on the grooming table. As soon as the electric clippers were turned on, he woke, and in the blink of an eye he lunged for the face of the groomer. Luckily Florence caught him in mid-air or the groomer might have needed stitches.

As he got older, Bobo developed cataracts and his vision started to get dim. He had cataract surgery and did very well. He told the story of getting his vision back in our March, 2008 newsletter.

Bobo was a high-energy dog almost to the end, but he died of cancer of the spleen at around age 11.

Beloved Bobo
by Jennifer

Bobo's eyes are big and brown;
He's also known as Granny's Clown.
Since his surgery, he can see...
When I look at him, he looks at me!

Bobo's very special to us;
He's the only dog that makes us cuss.
As soon as we finish cleaning the floor,
He goes and poops next to the door.

He barks, snarls, tries to bite the vet,
But at home he's always Jennifer's pet.
We would all miss him if he went away
Because he's attached at our hips every day!

(from the March, 2008 newsletter)