In Memory Of


August, 2013

Blossom was found staggering along busy Clyde Morris Blvd. in Daytona Beach by a longtime Journey's End volunteer. She was very weak and thin, and her fur was almost gone. The volunteer was able to get Blossom into her car, and she took her straight to a vet.

Blossom was found to be anemic due to being infested with fleas. She had lost most of her teeth and fur, probably from malnutrition. She also had severe arthritis. She was estimated to be around 8 years old. When Florence went to visit her at the vet's office, she was too weak to stand, but she reached up and gave Florence a kiss. The vet said she probably wouldn't have survived another day on her own.

After Blossom arrived at Journey's End, another volunteer recognized her as the same dog she had tried to rescue a couple of months earlier. The volunteer had seen her at a busy intersection in Daytona Beach and had stopped traffic to try to get her into her car, but Blossom was in better condition then and ran off, and the volunteer couldn't catch her.

Blossom was probably part golden retriever, and she might also have been part shar-pei, judging by her loose skin, especially around her neck. She was very sweet and gentle. She sometimes would go around to each of the other dogs and sniff them and wag her tail. She moved very stiffly and slowly due to the arthritis, and she slept in a special bed provided by some of our donors who loved her and sponsored her and visited her often. We frequently treated her arthritis with laser therapy.

Blossom had more than 2 good years with us, but eventually she started losing weight. The vet found she was full of cancer, so she had to be put down, the same day as Paddy.

Blossom told her story in our July, 2011 newsletter.