In Memory Of

Big Guy

August, 2011

Big Guy was found as a stray in DeLand by a couple of women who were unable to keep him. He had a benign tumor on his side that burst shortly after coming here, and he had surgery to get it removed. He had some scarring in his right eye due to an old injury, and his bent ear may have been due to an old injury, too.

Big Guy wasn't an especially large cat...he got his name due to his attitude rather than his size. He was always good with people, but when he first arrived, he was very bossy with the other cats, and he usually slept on a blanket by himself because the other cats were afraid to come near. He was especially bossy with the dogs, and would swat the blind dogs if they bumped into him. The dogs who could see would often back out of a room if they saw him in there.

As Big Guy got older, he started to mostly keep to himself and spent much of the day sleeping. He had lost most of his teeth, and no longer groomed himself much, so he looked a bit scruffy at times. He had a thyroid problem, which he was treated for. He eventually died of kidney failure.