In Memory Of


March, 2013

Bessie was a very friendly, affectionate short-hair cat who was abandoned. She was small in stature but was fairly plump. She was FIV-positive and lived in the PeeWee room with the other FIV cats and the small dogs. She got her name because of her cow-like markings.

Bessie was found to have FIV when she went to the vet shortly after she arrived. Like Coal, she lived here at least since 2002. She was in excellent health until the end, despite having the FIV virus.

She could almost always be found on the bed in the PeeWee room, where she would stand and approach any visitors or volunteers who walked in the room, looking for attention and petting. (She never seemed to sleep, but that must have been because she would wake up instantly whenever anyone came in the room, not wanting to miss a chance for affection.) When she wasn't on the bed, she'd be on the screened-in porch, getting some sun.

Bessie eventually developed a cancerous mass in her intestines and had to be put down. Everyone who knew her misses her.

Coal and Bessie in 2002