Bendell, the tiny teacup chihuahua

Bendell is a tiny teacup chihuahua, probably a purebred. The man who owned him died just before Hurricane Matthew passed by in October, 2016. Bendell and a cat were left on their own during the hurricane, although the owner's niece came by occasionally to give them some sausage to eat. The house was without electricity for 4 days. By the time they were rescued, the house smelled bad and was full of feces and urine.

When Bendell arrived, he seemed friendly and would approach as if he wanted attention, but he was very afraid to be picked up and would struggle to get free. We were told his owner didn't pick him up or handle him. We are working with him to try to socialize him, but he is still skittish and will only let people he knows pick him up.

Bendell likes cats and currently lives in a room with cats in the main house.

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