In Memory Of


October, 2015

B.B. on the table

BB was found on a beach in Flagler County. The family who found him took him home to rural Volusia county, near Samsula, to live with them. BB was already middle-aged. He might have had trouble adjusting, possibly since the family had other cats, and he wouldn't use a litter box. The father wanted to keep him despite the messes, but the daughter told him that BB was sick and she took him to a vet to be put down. The vet was unwilling to do it since he actually was in good health, and she arranged for BB to come to Journey's End.

BB had very exotic markings, and might have been a mix of Siamese and tabby. He was a very friendly and easy going cat. He always welcomed attention, and would get up and walk over to anyone he knew. He got along well with the other cats in the Cat House and often shared a bed. He lived to be very old, but eventually passed away one night.

B.B. on the front porch of the Cat House

B.B. on the front porch of the Cat House

B.B. standing in the Cat House

B.B. walking towards the camera

B.B. standing looking sideways