Banjo the sheep

Banjo came to Journey's End after Baaabette and Baaarney passed away. Florence saw that Maaa-Maaa and Baaam-Baaam were depressed, so she asked the neighbor who gave her the other sheep if he had any more young sheep that he would be willing to part with. He gave her Banjo, who was the smallest one he had. She was fairly young when she arrived, but old enough that she didn't need to be bottle-fed. She had a great effect on Maaa-Maaa and especially Baaam-Baaam...they became much more active and seemed to be happy again.

Banjo now lives with Sherlock, Chuckles, and Gretel. She is still very shy with people and is hard to catch when she needs a veterinary exam.

Banjo following after Baaam-Baaam

A young Banjo tries to stay close to Baaam-Baaam

Banjo the sheep

Banjo and Gretel the goat

Banjo and Gretel

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