In Memory Of


November, 2016

Bama on the lawn in the back yard

Bama was brought to us by a rescue group from Merritt Island. A couple of rescuers in the group drove up to Alabama to save some other dogs from a high-kill shelter. They weren't planning to take Bama, but he was almost out of time, so they took him also. We don't know his background or how he ended up at the shelter. His shelter name was Rafael.

Bama was around 10 years old when arrived, and hadn't yet been neutered. He had heartworms, and went thru the heartworm treatment with us. He also had non-cancerous cysts on his face. Two of them were just cosmetic, but the one under his eye had to be drained periodically so it wouldn't bother him.

Bama lived in one of the back rooms with Rascal and some of the other hounds. He was easy-going and got along well with everyone. He had arthritis, and he seemed to benefit a lot from the laser treatment. He eventually got very thin and weak and stopped eating, so we knew it was time for him to be put down.

Bama lounging on the floor

Bama standing on the floor

Bama by the fence in the back yard

Bama and Rascal in the back yard

Rascal (left) and Bama