In Memory Of


October, 2014

A man found Bailey in the Ocala National Forest, where he apparently had been abandoned. He was blind from severe, untreated glaucoma that caused his eyes to bulge out, and he couldn't even close one of his eyelids. The vet estimated he was 4 or 5 years old, and said that it took a long time for the glaucoma to get so bad. His vision might have saved if he had received treatment.

After coming here, Bailey promptly had surgery to reduce the swelling in his eyes. He soon had to have both eyes removed to avoid any more discomfort. He did fine after the surgery and got around without any trouble, no doubt due to his sense of smell. He was very active and curious and liked to explore. He was famous for his ear-splitting bark, which he used quite frequently, especially if anyone, dog or human, got near his food bowl.

Bailey slowed down quite a bit as he got older, and even became pretty quiet. He was always sweet and friendly, and he loved to be hugged and talked to. He would sit patiently for kisses and petting.

Bailey eventually developed Cushing's disease and other complications, and had to be put down.

Bailey shortly after he arrived