In Memory Of


March, 2017

Baby was a purebred poodle who came to Journey's End from a local humane society. She was probably surrendered by her owner. She was already old and was almost blind, but was otherwise in good health.

Baby was quiet and a little shy at first, but she loved attention and would wag her tail when petted. She liked to be held or to sit with you. She even seemed to enjoy a bath, and she loved to be groomed. She walked a little stiffly, probably due to her age, but she would follow after people she knew.

Baby lived for awhile in the front room, where she slept in a playpen to keep her safe from the rowdier dogs. Volunteer Tina fell in love with her, and soon Baby had a permanent foster home with Tina. Baby did very well for several years and got along well with Tina's other dogs. She was estimated to be 16 years old when she finally passed away.

Volunteer Tina gently and carefully grooms Baby after giving her a bath

Baby seems proud of how she looks after being bathed and groomed