In Memory Of


November, 2013

Baaam-Baaam came from the same neighbor as Maaa-maaa. Baaam-Baaam was rejected by her mother when she was only a few hours old. She came to Journey's End and was bottle-fed in her early days with sheep formula. She used to sleep indoors, but soon she was old enough to live outdoors fulltime.

Baaam-Baaam seemed to go into a depression after Baaabette and Baaarney passed away. She was listless and withdrawn. When Florence arranged for Banjo to come live here, Baaam-Baaam quickly perked up. She became more friendly and started playing with her toys again. She could usually be found standing beside Banjo, or walking around with Banjo following.

One day we saw that Baaam-Baaam had become lethargic and wasn't eating, although she had eaten the day before. She was transported to a vet who treats farm animals, and he found that she had fast-growing tumors in her mouth. He felt that there was no way to cure the cancer, and she was put down the same day.

Baaam-Baaam's Poem
by Florence Thuot

Let me introduce myself; how d'ya do? My name's Baaam-Baaam.
I may look like a goat, but am officially a laaamb!

My house is green and really quite chic;
It has lights and a fan — it's Bo Peep's Boutique.

My sister is Baaabette, and my mother's name is Maaa-Maaa.
My brother goes by Baaarney, and our language is Baaa-baaa.

Our soccer mom is Terri. She brings us balls to play with.
My grandma's name is Florence — she's the one we stay with!

Come watch us as we gambol in front of our chalet.
Pavlova would be proud to see our choreographed ballet!

(from the July, 2007 newsletter)