Attitude the pig, standing in his pen

Attitude is a Hampshire pig who was abandoned by his owner because his hind legs were paralyzed. He came to Journey's End when he was 4 weeks old. We thought that we might have to get wheels for him, like Skippy, but he'll eventually grow to 250-300 pounds, and we weren't sure if wheels would work for him.

After being with us a couple of weeks, Attitude started walking normally, and has had no further problems with his hind legs. The vet thinks he may have had some kind of nerve problem at birth that he just outgrew.

At first, when Attitude couldn't walk, we put him in a room in the main house where a dozen or more cats live. After he was able to walk, he began making quite a mess of the cats' room, eating their food, knocking over their water bowls, and squealing loudly. Soon we built a new pen for him outside and moved him there. We could have moved him in with Priscilla and Piglet, but they are very different in size and temperament, and we weren't sure that they would get along.

When he was around 6 months old, Attitude developed a hernia. He had surgery, and is doing well.

He still has quite an appetite, and squeals loudly when anyone approaches his pen, probably expecting to be fed.

Attitude tells more of his story in our April, 2016 newsletter.

Attitude in his pen, with sand on his nose

Attitude leaning over the fence around his pen

Attitude and his new pen

Attitude in his new pen, with his own shelter

Attitude as a baby, getting his head scratched

Attitude liked being petted and getting his ears scratched as a baby (we had to carry him outside since he couldn't walk)

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