In Memory Of


August, 2014

Arnold was a beagle with unusual reddish-brown fur. A couple found him at night, standing in the middle of state road 42.

Arnold was in very poor condition physically when he was found. His ribs were showing, and he could barely walk. When he was bathed, dozens of ticks fell out of his fur. He had heartworms, and infections in both eyes.

Arnold recovered very well after medical treatment. He fit in very quickly at his new home. At first, he was very active and loved to run around chasing cats, although he slowed down a bit and learned to leave them alone. He eventually lost the vision in his right eye, but he still had some vision in his left eye. He was always friendly, and got along well with people and with the other dogs.

Arnold eventually developed kidney failure and heart trouble, and had to be put down.

Arnold when he first arrived