In Memory Of


March, 2014

Aretha was a small short-hair cat with soft, glossy fur. She was probably abandoned and used to live outdoors. She started coming to the Journey's End parking lot, where Florence would leave food and water for her. At first, she wouldn't let anyone come near, and she wouldn't go into the trap that we set out to catch her. But eventually she started coming up to Florence and rubbing against her legs. One day Florence was able to just pick her up and bring her indoors.

Aretha was very friendly and loved to be petted, and she would immediately approach anyone she recognized to get affection. She would sometime upset the other cats because she would try to hog attention. If another cat was being petted or groomed, she would fearlessly push her way in and try to get all the attention for herself. Usually anyone grooming a cat in Aretha's presence would have to hold Aretha back with one hand while grooming with the other.

Eventually Aretha, who had always been plump, started losing weight. Her blood test showed severe kidney problems, and she soon passed away.