In Memory Of


January, 2016

Archie at the back door

Archie used to live in the DeLand area. His owner died, and the family members left Archie outside to fend for himself. Neighbors fed him. He roamed the streets in the neighborhood until someone asked Florence if he could have a home at Journey's End.

Archie was around 12 years old when he arrived. He had badly infected ears, and skin problems. He also had a fatty tumor on his left thigh, but it was benign.

Archie was sweet but somewhat shy. He lived in one of the back rooms with his look-alike Rascal and some of the other hounds. Like most of the hounds, he loved following the scents outside.

Archie was only with us a few months. One day he seemed a little out of sorts, and the next day he passed away.

Archie on his bed

Archie following a scent