In Memory Of


November, 2013

Annabelle was a small dog, probably a terrier mix. She was found walking erratically around a lake in Crescent City, going in and out of the water. A lady who lived along the lake saw her and took her in. She asked around but no one claimed her.

Annabelle was very thin and covered with fleas when she was found. The vets estimated she was at least 12 years old, probably older. She was almost blind and almost deaf. She had early-stage kidney disease, so she was on a special diet for the rest of her life.

We tried to interact with Annabelle, but she seemed to be in her own world. She probably had dementia, and that may have explained why she was wandering erratically when she was found. She ignored any attention from people, and she didn't like to be picked up or held. When she was outside, she would wander aimlessly around the yard, and she didn't interact with the other animals. We hoped she understood that she was loved, but we were never sure if we had reached her.

Annabelle's kidneys eventually started to fail. The vets offered to put her on fluids, but there was no chance of recovery, so she was put down.