In Memory Of


January, 2013

Angel was a small short-hair cat who came to Journey's End when she was around a year old. She was born with neurological problems that caused her to be unable to balance or to walk steadily. (Sometimes these problems can result from the mother cat being vaccinated while pregnant, but we don't know if that happened with Angel's mother.) She stumbled around quite a bit, but eventually she would get where she wanted to go.

She lived in an all-cats room in the main house. She was sweet-natured and friendly towards people and cats, although sometimes the other cats would get upset when she stumbled into them.

Angel was brought to us by a man with severe heart trouble who had more than 30 dogs and cats. He was told he needed heart surgery, but that he had only a 50/50 chance of surviving it, so he declined the surgery. He then drove all over Florida to place his animals in no-kill shelters. Angel was the last one to find a home.

Angel passed away suddenly, after only being here a few years. She had seemed fine in the morning--she ate well and her eyes were bright--but by afternoon she was gone.

Angel could usually sit without falling over ...

... but walking was difficult for her