Amber came here as a beautiful but very underweight 13 year old Arabian. Her grandfather was named Novatars and came from Russia. Her full name is Novatars Ambirette.

Amber used to live on a neighbor's property here in Glenwood, Florida. Florence could see she was underweight and offered to take her in after Vinny passed away. She was one of the smaller horses at her old home and was being pushed around by the larger horses, and they often wouldn't let her eat. The owner had other hungry horses and claimed he couldn't afford hay. He soon was investigated for animal cruelty and lost ownership of his 26 horses.

Soon after she arrived, Amber had major dental surgery. One of her teeth was abscessed and another had to be filed down.

Amber is very sweet and good-natured. At first she was shy and a bit nervous, and she was given her own pasture here. She has since made friends with Lucy, and she now shares a pasture with Lucy. She has gained a lot of confidence, and now is friendly. She'll often walk over to the fence and approach visitors, looking for a treat.

Florence with Amber

Amber with ribs showing, shortly after she arrived

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