In Memory Of


January, 2014

Allie had been living in alley in a commercial district in Orlando. People working in nearby offices fed her, and after taming her somewhat, took her to a vet to have her spayed. After her surgery, she was taken to the local Humane Society to be adopted out. After only five days of being at the Humane Society, she was scheduled to be put down.

When the people who had been feeding her heard the news, they started calling rescue groups to see if anyone could take her. They called 22 different groups before they found a home for her at Journey's End.

Allie was a mastiff weighing over 100 pounds, and she held her own with the other big dogs. But she was very friendly and gentle and loved to be petted, and she would flop over any time for for a belly rub. She always loved attention and got along with everyone--people, dogs, and cats. Allie told her story in our June, 2008 newsletter.

Allie lived to be quite old, and she slowed down quite a bit due to arthritis, which we treated with laser therapy. Eventually she became lethargic and was taken to the vet. They found that she had an enlarged heart and a couple of cancerous masses, so she had to be put down.

Allie and Bailey