Alfred standing in the driveway

Alfred is a chihuahua mix who was found wandering along the US 1 highway with his friend Little Man. They were taken to the Flagler Humane Society, where they stayed for several weeks. People there grew found of them and some visitors came to see them regularly, but they didn't receive offers of adoption, and it didn't seem likely they would be adopted due to their age and health, so they were able to come to Journey's End.

Both Alfred and Little Man were unneutered when found, and they both had severe problems with their teeth and gums. Alfred's dental surgery took more than 2 hours, so they had to postpone neutering him. They even found fur growing into his gums and bone, and had to chip away at the bone.

Alfred and Little Man live in the PeeWee room, where they are often together. Alfred is friendly and playful and gets along well with the other dogs.

Alfred lying on a dog bed

Alfred lying on a blanket

Alfred and Troubles standing together

Alfred and Troubles

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