Addison on the cat tower

Addison was found as a stray kitten by some students at a local university. The girls who found her tried to keep her in their dorm room, but they weren't supposed to have pets in the dorm, and someone called animal control.

The animal control officers took Addison and had her tested. When it turned out that she was FIV-positive, they took her to a vet to be put down, since it is their policy not to put cats up for adoption if they have FIV. Our staff member Amy happened to be at the vet when she was brought in, and she talked with Florence, who agreed that Journey's End could take her in. She was around 3 months old at the time.

Addison is very sweet, friendly, and playful. She is in good health, and seemed to have no trouble adjusting. She lives in the Cat House.

Addison on the cat tower, looking sideways

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